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The money recovered from the hands of Venezuelan Corrupt Politicians can be used in the future reconstruction of Venezuela

Help Venezuela by emailing Senator Menendez



Around 1.5 billion dollars could be safeguarded by the PANA Act of 2022


Currently there are two twin bills in Congress and in the Senate that address the need to protect the money recovered in US courts from the hands of Venezuelan Corrupt Politicians: the bipartisan PANA ACT H.R.6539 in Congress and a Republican Bill in the Senate, the PANA ACT S.1417. 


Now the Bill needs to be introduced in the Committee on Foreign Relations, of which Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) is the Chairman. Sen Menendez led the passing of the VERDAD Act of 2019 which set up the framework for the creation of a Fund for Venezuela. The next step on this journey is the passing of the PANA Act.


At the end of 2020 there were at least $1.5 billion seized and frozen after more than 20 federal court cases against officials of the Venezuelan dictatorial regime, PDVSA (the state oil company) and contractors, according to a report prepared by the Inter-American Dialogue.


The PANA Act seeks to protect these assets and safeguard them in a Fund managed by the U.S. government that will allow for their expedited return when transparency and accountability measures are met.


Email Senator Menendez staffers:


Senator Bob Menendez,

Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations


Dear Senator Menendez,


As a New Jersey resident, I am writing to you to ask for your leadership in the introduction of the PANA Act S.1417 to create a Fund to Protect Recovered Venezuelan Assets to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. 


Our community is aware of the leading role you played in the passing of the VERDAD Act of 2019, by which the United States committed to return to Venezuela the assets recovered from corruption. As you know, the VERDAD Act contemplates the possibility of creating such a Fund, however, three years later, it has not been created.


At present, there are two bills: a bipartisan one in Congress, the PANA ACT H.R.6539 and a Republican Bill in the Senate, the PANA ACT S.1417 which aim to create A Restoration Fund for Venezuela. After the support that you, Senator Menendez, have shown to the Venezuelan cause, we cannot imagine a better champion to make the PANA ACT a reality. 



(It is crucial to prove you are a resident of New Jersey).

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