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Venezuelan Asset Recovery Initiative


INRAV seeks to mobilize and promote the cooperation amongst nations, international institutions, and civil society in order to recover assets lost through acts of corruption committed and supported by the current regime in Venezuela.


After the recovery of the assets looted from Venezuela, the goal is to develop projects focused on reconstructing - both economically as well as socially - the country, while encouraging citizen participation, collaboration, social innovation and transparency.

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  The pledge of the organization is transparency. INRAV will always promote communication, honesty, and responsibility when it comes to the management of the recovered assets.

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    Promote the participation of Venezuela’s civil society organizations so that their ideas and doubts are taken into account at each step of the repatriation process of this capital.

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Broaden the collaboration between the different sectors of Venezuela and international actors to recover the greatest amount of the assets that belong to the nation. 

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Returning looted assets to the Venezuelan people is a way to combat impunity.


Propose innovative methods for the use of the recovered assets that will promote the development of the country.


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