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Asset recovery in a procedure used to identify, find, seize, pursue, recover and repatriate assets obtained by corrupt means, thus compensating the country victimized by these activities. The World Bank estimates that each year between $20 to $40 billion are stolen from developing countries due to corruption and theft. In the case of Venezuela, it is estimated that the amount is in the billions.



Asset recovery has gained more importance and there are successful cases like that of Peru and the recovery of assets originating from the dictatorship of Fujimori. For INRAV it is fundamental that seized assets be returned to Venezuela and used for the reconstruction -social and infrastructure projects- of the country. At the same time, we will attempt to avoid that countries who have confiscated assets looted from Venezuela be the ones who benefit from them. This happened in Argentina after the seizure of $800,000 from Guido Antonini Wilson. These funds were used by the then President Mauricio Macri to open a new school in Tucumán

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